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How to enhance organizational growth by tracking your technicians?

Track your technicians

Technicians, Field Professionals, employees, or staff are a great pillar and support for any organization. They help modify the progress rates, enhance the company performance, contribute innovative ideas, solutions, and more within their firm. They can also be considered the primary factor between customers and the company brand itself.

A technician or field professional’s contribution to the company constitutes the significant response and revenue that the company gets. For this prime reason, it is essential to monitor your technicians and keep track of their performance or progress rate to evaluate the bigger outcome. Suppose the organizational growth depends on the effectiveness of the technician. In that case, it is imperative to make sure that the technician contributes his maximum best, and this is done through tracking and monitoring the same.

Now that we know why it is essential to track your technician, there are various ways to track them. It is not just about their performance, but other components enhance a technician’s performance, and it is important to keep all of them in check.

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1. Equipment

Field Professionals who work in various industries like Electrical, maintenance, Snow Removal, Parks and Rec services, Swimming Pools Services, etc., require multiple specialized instruments to complete their work on the field. Sometimes this equipment is rented or borrowed from the customer if not available in hand. It is vital to keep track of the equipment used by technicians for easy future reference and access.


2. Location

Many organizations prefer to check on their employees and technicians on the road during their shifts to make sure they reach their field on time or don’t slack off. With the help of GPS features or an app, managers can easily keep track of their technician’s location while on-duty to make sure they prevent traffic, find short routes, save fuel and money.


3. Working hours

Most companies work on an hourly basis, and keeping track of the technician’s working hours can help increase productivity and billable hours. By logging in and out on the start and completion of work, technicians can charge clients based on their worked hours. This helps increase revenue and efficiency at the same time.

Working Hours

4. Performance

Of course, tracking the performance rate of technicians is highly essential to determine their efficiency and productivity. This helps evaluate his contribution to the brand and more. This tracking is usually done by their performance on the field based on customer reviews and feedback, images of the work attached to Invoices, and the team leaders’ observations.


Now that we know the significant components around technicians that need to be tracked, let us move on to How can you track your technicians?

The advanced century we live in has brought everything to our fingertips, including business tracking. The software is the most feasible and effective method of tracking technicians and your organizational growth in one place. The software gives you unlimited access to required information and helps you keep everything you need under control.

Field Promax is a Field Service Software various industries and brands use to help track their technicians’ efficiency and work.

  • It allows you to track your technicians on the field using GPS Features.
  • It also has time cards that allow technicians to clock in and out on the field to record their working hours and determine their charges.
  • The software comes with reports and dashboards option that displays metric information of all the reports, making it easier to understand the technicians’ daily, weekly, and monthly progress and other components.
  • You can keep a check and allow the customers to also keep a check on their assigned technician to increase the brand’s transparency.
  • It allows customers to send feedbacks and descriptive responses on the technician’s work which helps you suggest changes or improve the necessary parts.
  • It also helps find their area of expertise and use them in the correct zone.

How do these trackings enhance your organizational growth?

By Tracking your Technicians you understand their potential and contribution. With this knowledge, you further enhance their efficiency with guidance, training, and other potential improvement methods in the required areas. Eventually, this allows you to get better reviews, revenues, and smooth organizational growth. Making sure your technicians give their best and encouraging them throughout the way is very important to bring out the best in them.

Field Promax has helped various companies and organizations build their empire with accurate monitoring and tracking of technicians on and off the field. It has contributed to the expansion of various small and medium-sized companies in the past years. We wish you could also be a part of this growth.