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How an Employee Time Tracking App Reclaims Lost Time

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On average, one employee inadvertently takes away about 4.5 hours per week from the employer. This time-lapse is unintentional, which makes tracking more difficult. Employees may spend a few minutes extra on their lunch breaks or come 5 minutes late in the morning. Sometimes, this time-lapse can be extremely passive such as minor inefficiencies and re-work. In any case, the lost time stays missing and impacts the profit and productivity of a company.

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Outdated time tracking technologies are ineffective

Losing time is considered equivalent to losing money in all sectors. So, companies utilize swiping or punching system at the entrance of an office. But, these systems have become outdated now. It doesn’t take too much to circumvent these systems. Many employees start punching for their colleagues, which is called “buddy punching”.

Apart from that, another outdated method is paper timesheets. But, these paper sheets become too complicated to track in a few weeks, which makes them ineffective as well.

An employee time tracking app to solve old problems

All time tracking issues are avoidable with a modern app created for employee time tracking. Now, you can get a Time Tracking App installed on the company tablets and phones authorized for employees.

With an app, time tracking is possible in all scenarios like when an employee goes out to visit the site of a client or meet the suppliers. This is beneficial for an employer as well as employees. Company employees can use the app to fill timesheets with a few taps and track time as well.

At the same time, an app removes the requirement of paper piles filled with unorganized productivity and attendance data. Real-time data obtained from a Field Service Management Software makes adjustments and management convenient.

Benefits of introducing an employee time tracking app

When done correctly, the introduction of a reliable time tracking app keeps the operations smooth and delivers plenty of benefits.

1. Helping employees stay on track

If employees in a team don’t track their time, the chances of missing the deadlines increase significantly. Many employees don’t even realize that they are missing on a lot of office time, which impacts the ability to work around deadlines.
These issues are easily addressable in the presence of a time tracking app. It enables employees to become accountable for the workload. Each employee knows about his or her time spent on a project. And this data reaches the leaders as well, so they can assist employees who seem to be losing their track of time and deadlines.


2. Rewarding employees as per their performance

A time tracking app can serve as a parameter of noticing hard-working employees. Each employee tries his or her best to stay productive and complete tasks on-time. However, some don’t realize that they are losing time. But, an app for tracking time allows each employee as well as company authorities to conduct precise tracking. With such a solution, you can reward hard-working employees, who utilize the app to manage and improve their productivity.

3. Keeping every employee accountable

Distributing accountability to each and every employee becomes possible with a high-quality time tracking app. It is not about trusting or not trusting your employees. Individually tracked time via an app helps everyone, whether employees or managers. Plus, company leaders can ensure accountability on an individual level.

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4. Tracking time beyond the entrance

These days, business models hire different types of employees. Along with the in-house team, companies also utilize the services of remote workers, freelancers and field employees as well. Such diversity in employee profiles makes entrance time tracking and outdated choice.

With an app for Time Tracking, your company can track employees across devices such as smartphones and tablets. Hence, no employee has to face any struggle to punch his or her time. They can accurately and quickly enter their time from any location with the field Service Management Software. And that data gets stored automatically in a secure and organized database.

5. Achieving the desired level of professionalism

The time management capacity of employees decides the productivity of a business, delivery of projects and communication with all stakeholders. Employee time tracking enhances every area of your business model. As a result, your company obtains a professional reputation in the market. From customers and clients to investors and suppliers, every stakeholder perceives your brand in a positive, professional light. And a brand with a professional and productive image rises faster in the targeted industry.

But, all these benefits come down to the successful introduction of employee time tracking in your company. There are a few things to consider when you make the decision of using a Time Tracking App in your company. It might take some convincing if your employees are not familiar with the advantages of such an app. 

Introducing time tracking in your company

When you decide to introduce time tracking in your company, choose a holistic solution. One app should be able to cover all aspects of time tracking. Plus, the app should align with your company workflow and business model.
Looking into the features is important to make sure that it complements the capabilities you are looking for. Also, ensure the ease of usage, so that, all your employees feel comfortable adjusting to the new, quick method of time tracking.

Convincing all employees to accept the new technology

A little friction is possible regarding the replacement of the old-time tracking system with a new app. Mostly, employees complain that new technology will be difficult to use. You can begin convincing your employees by explaining how easy that app is. Also, ensure that it will be beneficial for them as well. Highlight the comfort of having an app to quickly punch a time. Tell your employees that the app will remove the issue of payroll mistakes. And, it will showcase the truly amazing capabilities of hard-working employees. These features and benefits will help to convince employees to field service software accept the new technology of time tracking.

With a successful implementation, increased employee efficiency will bring the lost time back.

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