Flag Down Opportunities : Benefits of Flaggers using a field-based management system like Field Promax

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As the Flagger Industry regains composure, there is a renewed demand for field service employees like laborers, technicians, maintenance staff, and flaggers. This much-needed boost has specially placed professional flaggers in high demand.

With this growing demand, there is a need for effective management so that businesses can capture all the opportunities out there. Often marred by endless paperwork, haphazard co-ordination, incorrect notifications, delayed payments, and a lack of focused insight, flaggers face a tough time. These challenges are not just impeding work of individual flaggers but also, holding back many companies who manage a large Flagger workforce.

We have tried to understand the gaps that concern a Flagger business and 10 of those top concerns are easily addressed through Field Promax. Let’s see how-

1. Training

Flaggers are an inconsistent work force.  The Flagger Industry at times runs at 50% retention which is exceptionally low compared to other industries. 

Such high turnover comes with inherent training difficulties.  There is more to performing a Flagger’s job than the 4 hour Flagger certification. They need to be able to:

–   record the gear that they used for the job for proper invoicing

–   record the time that the Flaggers worked for proper invoicing and managing payroll

How do you train new flaggers in a business with low retention rates?

The Field Promax Advantage: To manage this continuous flux of employees, the best solution is to have a management interface that is easy to understand and which they can learn on the go. To serve this particular industry, Field Promax has stripped down its mobile app to just the functionalities a Flaggers requires to get the job done. By doing so, Flaggers get trained in one short session and use the interface effectively. 

2. Ever-changing supervisory groups

Leads/Supervisors record gear used and time worked for each job site.  However, leads/supervisors get re-assigned quite quickly and so, a Flagger may one day work on one job site with a lead/supervisor and then next day may work at a different location with a different lead/supervisor.  How do you manage such a dynamic workforce where flaggers may have different Leads/ Supervisor that they report to daily?

The Field Promax Advantage: Field Promax accomplishes this through a workflow that adapts to  a new work environment on a daily basis. We do this by providing leads access to the information of only the flaggers who report to them that day. The mobile app enforces a disciplined workflow that captures the timecards of assigned flaggers of the day and thereby, eliminates errors in payroll management.

3. Job cancellations

Job cancellations due to weather or change in construction schedules are common.  How does a business manage these changes?

The Field Promax Advantage: Through a pre-defined workflow for job cancellations, your Flaggers will be paid accurately and your customers will be invoiced accurately. 

4. Accepting or Declining Jobs

Notifying flaggers of jobs for the next day and respective job location becomes a nightmare when done through phone calls.  How do you communicate with your team in a timely and effective manner?

The Field Promax Advantage: Field Promax allows you to Accept/Decline jobs via text messages. Every flagger enlisted for a particular work order will also get his/her marching orders via text automatically on their mobile apps.

5. Interactive dashboard

Flagging business has a lot of things on the move- from scheduling, to timecards and managing invoicing and payment. How do you pull it together in one snapshot to keep yourself most updated

The Field Promax Advantage: Our dashboard was developed solely to manage such scheduling and invoicing requirements.  Through an interactive dashboard, you can schedule dispatchers, manage payroll and accurately bill staff work-all in a synchronized manner from start to finish.

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6. Customization

Current Work Order Management Systems are plug and play interfaces designed for managing a smaller work force.  But most Flagger companies are mid-size and outgrow older management systems quickly. How do you keep abreast with the growing needs of your business?

The Field Promax Advantage: This is where Field Promax is able to provide customizable solutions for your specific requirements.  Our process starts with analyzing your end to end workflow, identifying your pain points, developing customizable solutions and finally, helping you implement.

7. Economical

How do you find a tool that is effective yet affordable?

The Field Promax Advantage: Any solution must be economical.  Field Promax is the right solution at the right price.  We believe that to build customer loyalty, we need to have the most competitive pricing.  We will work with you to establish fair pricing that works for you and us. Guaranteed!

8. Improve Cashflow

A field service business runs on effective cash flow. How do you ensure accurate invoicing and effective management of payment?

The Field Promax Advantage: With Field Promax, you can manage invoices daily and improve your cashflow. By recording all essential information in real time, like gear used and hours worked, you can generate invoices at the end of the day.

9. Increased billable hours

How do your view and understand the growth potential of your business?

The Field Promax Advantage: Our approach enables you to better understand your processes and increase billable hours.  Process driven reports give you insight into your billable hours, helping you to intelligently increase them over time.

10. QuickBooks Integration

How do you seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks?

The Field Promax Advantage: Field Promax integrates with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online versions. You can sync customers and products from your QuickBooks so work orders can be created easily without double entries. On completion of work, the details get synced and you can generate an invoice on QuickBooks.

With business returning to normal, now is the time to hit the market with increased capacity and more effective work management. You can differentiate yourself in the sector and set yourself apart with the above-listed features. 

Additionally, Field Promax incorporates-

●       Integration with QuickBooks ® 

●       Estimate creation and approval

●     Insightful calendar views and tracking options (mileage, expense, and so on)

●       Customer management

●       Equipment tracking

●      Unlimited free customer support via phone and email

Use Field Promax to your advantage! Contact us today and we can have a customized demo ready for you!

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Joy Gomez