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Top 10 Benefits of Using Traffic Management Software for Your Flagger Service Business

Traffic Management

The flagger industry is quickly becoming one of the most crucial elements of urban life As it continues to grow steadily, it brings forth an unprecedented business opportunity for anyone ready to take the challenge head-on. However, if you think the market is yet untapped, you cannot be any further from reality. Just as the market opportunity, the competition is also rising with each passing day. So, if you want to grab the opportunity to make some profit, there are some tricks of the trade you must follow. And so far, traffic management software has been the best competitive advantage in this regard.

Before we delve into the advantages of the innovative business tool, let’s have a quick look at the system itself. This will help us better understand how the software works and how it can actually benefit your business.

As you already know, flaggers perform a crucial role in traffic control. They manage the flow of vehicles around construction sites. Besides managing traffic, flaggers also help construction workers and motorists avoid any danger associated with the construction site. It is evident that this is not a job where one can manage things single-handedly. At any given time, you would need a team of workers to just do the primary job of managing vehicles. Given the seriousness of the task, just imagine what kind of backend and logistics teams you would need at the same time. And the demand for flagger agencies is increasing with each passing day.

With the growing demand, there is a need for effective management so that flagger businesses can capture all the opportunities out there. However, if you are stuck with the traditional paper-based business methods, things will be especially hectic for you. Expect your operations to be disrupted by endless paperwork, haphazard coordination, incorrect notifications, delayed payments, and a lack of focused insight, flaggers face a tough time. These challenges are not just impeding the work of individual flaggers but also, holding back many companies who manage a large flagger workforce.

This is why you need automation in your processes. To be more precise, you need a software solution like Field Promax. In this blog, we have tried to explain some of the most pressing pain points that concern a flagger business. But we are not here to deliver just the bad news. We come with effective solutions. You will also find how this incredible digital tool can alleviate your pain and get you up ahead in the race. So, keep reading.


The flagger industry experiences one of the highest employee turnover rates. It is an extremely inconsistent workforce. At times, it runs at 50% retention which is exceptionally low compared to most other industries. Such high turnover comes with inherent training difficulties, for it is a highly skillful job and requires a lot of technical knowledge. There is more to performing a Flagger’s job than the 4-hour Flagger certification.

How do you deal with the hassle of training employees again and again? Don’t forget, it is not just your valuable time; it is also your resources that are being wasted.

The Field Promax Advantage: To manage this continuous flux of employees, the best solution is to have a management interface that is easy to understand and which they can learn on the go. To serve this particular industry, Field Promax has stripped down its mobile app to just the functionalities flaggers require to get the job done. By doing so, Flaggers get trained in one short session and use the interface effectively.

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2. An Ever-Changing Supervision System

flagger Supervision

Each flaggers team is managed by a lead/ supervisor. Besides monitoring them at work, the leads/supervisors are also responsible for recording the gear used in the job and the total time of work at each job site. However, the teams are reshuffled almost regularly. Not just the field workers, the leads/supervisors also get re-assigned quite quickly. As a result, one day a flagger may work on one job site with one lead/supervisor, and then the next day they may find themselves assigned to a different location with a different lead/supervisor.

How do you manage such a dynamic workforce where flaggers may have different Leads/ Supervisor that they report to daily?

The Field Promax Advantage: Field Promax accomplishes this through a workflow that adapts to a new work environment on a daily basis. We do this by providing the leads/ supervisors seamless access to the information of only the flaggers who report to them that day. The mobile flagger force dispatch app enforces a disciplined workflow that captures the timecards of assigned flaggers of the day and thereby, eliminates errors in the delegation. It effectively simplifies payroll management as well.

3. Job Cancellations

Like any other field service job, cancellations due to weather or change in construction schedules are common.

How does a flagger business cope with these changes?

The Field Promax Advantage: Through a pre-defined workflow for job cancellations, your Flaggers will be paid accurately and your customers will be invoiced accurately.

4. Accepting or Declining Jobs

Working with a large team of field workers is a daunting task on any given day. It requires an adept resource management system. With a paper-based operation, the task becomes even more challenging. In such an environment, it is communication that suffers the most. Notifying the flaggers of jobs for the next day and respective job locations becomes a nightmare in itself, when done manually (e.g. face-to-face or through phone calls). Now imagine, if any one of them falls sick or can’t make it to their job for some reason, you have no way of knowing it beforehand. Let alone the chance to reassign someone or redistribute the workload among the others.

How do you communicate with your team in a timely and effective manner?

The Field Promax Advantage: Field Promax allows your workers to accept/decline jobs via text messages. Every flagger enlisted for a particular work order will also get his/her marching orders via text automatically on their mobile apps.

5. Interactive Dashboard

Custom Reports

A Flagging Business has a lot of things on the move- from scheduling and timecards to managing invoicing and payment.

How do you pull it together in one snapshot to keep your resources under control?

The Field Promax Advantage: Our dashboard is solely designed to manage such requirements. Through an interactive dashboard, you can schedule dispatchers, manage payroll, and accurately bill staff work– all in a synchronized manner from start to finish.

6. Customization

Current Work Order Management Systems are mostly plug-and-play interfaces designed for managing a smaller workforce. But most Flagger companies are mid-size and outgrow older management systems quickly.

How do you keep abreast with the growing needs of your business?

This is where Field Promax is able to provide customizable solutions for your specific requirements. Our process starts with analyzing your end-to-end workflow, identifying your pain points, developing customizable solutions, and finally, helping you implement.

7. Budget-Friendliness


Most high-end traffic control system software is really expensive. If you are running a small company, it could be well beyond your budget to afford one such software solution. On the other hand, if you stick to a cheaper option, chances are you are missing out on several necessary features and functionalities, which can potentially affect your performance in the field. Not to forget, cheap software solutions often fail to provide seamless customer service and support as well.

How do you find a tool that is effective yet affordable?

If you don’t want your software to cut a hole in your pocket, go for Field Promax with a second thought. It is the right solution at the right price. You will be amazed to know the number of stunning features we offer at such an unbelievable cost. We believe that to build customer loyalty, we need to have the most competitive pricing. We will work with you to establish fair pricing that works for you and us. Guaranteed!

8. Improved Cashflow

A field service business runs on effective cash flow. To ensure that, you must have a strong and effective billing and invoicing system in place. If you can’t provide accurate invoices on time, your payment cycle will be disrupted, automatically affecting your cash flow.

How do you ensure accurate invoicing and effective management of payment?

With Field Promax, you can manage invoices daily and improve your cash flow. By recording all essential information in real-time, like gear used and hours worked, you can generate invoices at the end of the day. Even better, it enables your field workers to create and share invoices directly with the customer and get paid in the field, thus liberating you from the hassle of generating countless invoices in a day. But don’t worry. No matter who creates the invoice, Field Promax gives you complete control over billing and invoicing. Supervise, add items, and modify invoices made by your workers, or assign someone of your choice to get the job done on your behalf (still retaining the power to monitor and edit everything).

9. Reports and Analytics


A flagger business involves countless elements. From field workers to logistic personnel, from backend managers to strategy makers– the resource pool is too extensive to maintain transparency and scalability. As your business grows further, it becomes even more complex to get things under control. But once the rein is loosened, there goes your chance of making profits and achieving growth.

How do you maintain transparency in your process and leverage the components for business growth?

Field Promax provides comprehensive reports and analytics considering all sorts of business components– big or small. This makes your entire process visible, adding scalability to your operations. Once you have the necessary information, you can easily translate them into an effective growth strategy; Besides, the process-driven reports give you insight into your billable hours, helping you to intelligently increase them over time.

10. QuickBooks Integration

Quickbooks Integration

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you must have an efficient accounting system to manage your finances. Else, all your operations will fail to yield any positive outcome, to be precise, generating profits. The easiest way to do this is to invest in accounting software. And there is no other accounting software more popular and efficient than Intuit QuickBooks at this moment. Now, it might seem overwhelming, not to mention expensive to have two separate software systems for a small flagger company. The solution is a pocket-friendly field service management software compatible with QuickBooks. In other words, Field Promax.

How do you seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks?

Field Promax integrates with both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online versions. You can sync customers and products from your QuickBooks so work orders can be created easily without double entries. On completion of work, the details get synced and you can generate an invoice on QuickBooks.

Before We Wrap Up

With the advent of modern technology, businesses have transformed beyond our imagination. What seemed impossible just a few years ago has now become child’s play, thanks to automation. So, if you want to grab the market opportunity for your business, there is nothing more effective than digital tools. And if you are running a flagger business, there is no better software solution than Field Promax. It is everything you need and could possibly ask for– all in one place. This includes:-

Remember, you get all of these at a really competitive price! So, what are you waiting for? Go for the best.

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