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Top 5 FieldPulse Alternative Solutions at More Affordable Rates: Choose the Best for Your Business

Fieldpulse alternative

It is the best time to embrace digital transformation in your field service business.

Only a decade ago, using digital tools to manage field services was only possible for large service companies. Today, however, the market is brimming with hundreds of software solutions available at surprisingly low prices, making them accessible to small businesses and even mom-and-pop shops. Despite the cheap rates, some of these software solutions offer incredible features. FieldPulse is a leading example in this regard. But as we said, this is not your only option. There are several other FieldPulse alternative software solutions that could give you the same advantages.

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FieldPulse is definitely one of the most renowned field service management software systems today. It is full of invaluable features that help businesses automate and standardize their processes and increase productivity. 

Despite its efficient design and functions, FieldPulse may not be the first choice for many service business owners. If you check the FieldPulse reviews, you will see a lot of people expressing their dissatisfaction over various issues. The most common concern that FieldPulse users have pointed out is the app’s speed. Neither does it always provide seamless connectivity, nor does it work offline. Some even said that the app might act glitchy sometimes. 

Users have also expressed concern about the FieldPulse login portal as well as the dashboard. They say it is hard to view the entire database on a single screen because the dashboard only displays one portion at a time.

Above all, there is the issue of pricing. FieldPulse charges $99 per month with a $39 base price and an additional $60 for every additional user. This could be a little out of budget for some small businesses. 

Considering the reviews, it is not unusual that some companies would like a FieldPulse alternative that is free from these issues. Some might be looking for a more budget-friendly option. There might be a few users who find FieldPulse features unsuitable for their any case, there must be a software solution that fulfills all these criteria.

This is exactly what this blog is going to be about. Here, you will find not one, but five alternatives that are more efficient than FieldPulse, offer more affordable rates compared to FieldPulse pricing, and are more flexible to suit your automation needs. So, without wasting any more time, let’s jump right into the reviews.

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Over the years, Field Promax has emerged as the most widely used field service contractor programme. Nearly all significant field service providers and numerous small companies use it globally. It has been demonstrated to be the most effective, affordable, and straightforward software option for companies of all sizes.

Field Promax is unquestionably the finest field service software in terms of features and capabilities. It is jam-packed with incredible tools that, by automating every step of the business process, can help you plan and streamline your operations in the most efficient manner. It is made to provide complete automation support for all of your back-end duties, including scheduling and dispatching, work order management, billing and invoicing, reports and analysis, customer management, technician monitoring, time-tracking, repeat order management, and much more. 

You can exert more control over your activities thanks to its sophisticated features. For instance, it provides GPS monitoring to keep an eye on your technicians in real-time, QuickBooks integration to maintain a smooth payment cycle, cloud storage for paperless document management, and database security.

The best feature of Field Promax is that it gives you access to a thorough interface with a well-structured calendar view. On a singular platform, you can see the color-coded, daily, weekly, and monthly orders for all of your technicians’ schedules. From here, you can also easily dispatch and assign your employees from both your computer and smartphone with a single click. In this manner, you have complete control over your business activities, regardless of where you are or what time of day it is.

But it’s Field Promax’s better usability that propels it to the top of lists of the best Housecall Pro scheduling software substitutes. The software solution has almost no learning curve, so it’s easy to get used to and start using the app right away. This is particularly helpful for your field staff. Additionally, Field Promax has one of the finest customer services, assisting you at every turn, whether it is troubleshooting or onboarding. 

All of these are available for just $39 per month, with further pricing plans to accommodate your growing business. Plus, it offers a 14-day free trial. It’s understandable why it has been voted the best software option for small, medium-sized, and large businesses.

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2. WorkWave


You can manage field service projects and attend to specific client needs thanks to Workwave’s all-in-one solution. It has a customer relationship management system, drag-and-drop scheduling, invoicing and billing.

They have created a smartphone app (for both Android and iOS), which enables crews and technicians to connect easily with the office and manage their schedules through a simple interface.

3. mHelpdesk


Due to its simplicity of use, mHelpDesk is another well-liked FieldPulse substitute. mHelpDesk works on mobile smartphones and enables you to text jobs to workers in addition to using a number of other mobile apps. Scheduling and dispatching, and bill management are additional features.

Employees can keep everything organized with the help of this software. The system enables managers and executives to avoid double booking, underbooking, and overbooking thanks to the variety of features. Users can assign or reassign jobs to other team members, add attachments, and make notes about the job. Through its custom line items, users can enter specific service information and maintain contract quality control using job forms and checklists.

4. FieldEdge


Another field service management tool that is great for companies that need more assistance with customer management is FieldEdge. Users can view the histories of contracts, quotes, invoices, equipment, and work orders using FieldEdge’s customer management feature. It offers a thorough overview of each client and previously finished jobs.

Due to its useful features, FieldEdge is regarded as a highly popular substitute for FieldPulse software. To help clients understand service-related issues, the tool enables users to share pictures with them. Customers are provided with a thorough overview of installation procedures, maintenance issues, and equipment by attaching images to a work order. 

Customers can also learn how a problem has developed by looking at pictures taken over time. Additionally, it offers a thorough history of each piece of equipment. This aids technicians in deciding whether or not the equipment in a customer’s home needs to be replaced. Every piece of equipment has a form that technicians can create. Technicians can use the mobile app to look at electronic versions of equipment specification sheets and upload them.

5. FieldCamp


FieldCamp is yet another field service software that is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses. It has a powerful dispatching and scheduling tool for managing work orders and scheduling jobs instantly. Additionally, you can anticipate effective and seamless operations with regard to, among other things, customer management, real-time monitoring, reports, and analytics.

You can gain centralized control over your field service business and make sure the work is done effectively and efficiently thanks to the robust dashboard. A few clicks will allow you to manage and create invoices and schedules, process payments, take regular follow-ups, manage customer relations, and send reports.

The software is made to assist companies of all sizes in resolving the challenges associated with their field service operations. Both desktop and mobile versions are accessible. But none of the third-party integrations, including QuickBooks, are supported.

Final Words


Every business has different automation needs. Naturally, they will need different tools and features to meet their requirements. If FieldPulse does not fulfill them all, users will start looking for a FieldPulse alternative that suits their needs better.

If you are one of them, or if you are simply having second thoughts after researching the FieldPulse review, this blog is for you. You can choose any of the options mentioned above, and that will satisfy your criteria.

But if you want the best solution, go for Field Promax. Not only this is one of the most affordable software solutions out there, but it also offers the most flexible pricing plans to accommodate your growing business and the widest range of customization options to suit your needs. What’s more, Field Promax provides unlimited access to all its features even with the basic plan, as well as during the free trial period.

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FieldPulse is a service management software solution designed to serve field service companies. It caters to various industries, including plumbing, HVAC, lawn care, construction, painting, janitorial services, electrical contractors, and more.

FieldPulse is essentially a field service management software solution that helps companies streamline and standardize their workflow. With this software, businesses can manage almost all of their administrative tasks, such as scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, monitoring, equipment tracking, reporting, and so on.

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