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Discover 8 Awesome Ways A Field Service Software Helps You Save Time

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“Time Is Money”Benjamin Franklin

“How can the best field management software like Field Promax help me in making the most of my time?”

If you run a field service business and are looking for an accurate answer to this question then you’re at the right place! Read on to know more about it.

For any business, time is of paramount importance. Wasting time is akin to shooting yourself in the foot for business owners, especially those who own and operate field-based businesses.

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Across the globe, 96% of Consumers Report Customer Service is a crucial factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand.”

Today, customers want their complaints to be resolved swiftly. No one likes to wait till eternity to get a leaking faucet or dysfunctional HVAC system repaired, just to give you an example.

That said, operating a field service business can be a challenging task. From assigning tasks to technicians to scheduling tasks, creating estimates, generating invoices and managing recurring jobs, you have so much served on your plate.

Needless to say, it can be difficult to efficiently utilize the time when you’ve so many things to manage simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at some areas of field service businesses that result in a lot of valuable time being wasted. 

Where Field Service Businesses Tend To Lose Valuable Time 

Mentioned here are some areas where most field service businesses face time-related issues. You could likely be facing some of them as well! Read on to see if you relate to these issues or not.

-Field service technicians arriving late on the job costs your business precious time and money 

-Field service technicians getting lost due to unfamiliar routes is another common issue plaguing field-based businesses

-Spending Hours on Paperwork for creating and maintaining estimates and invoices is another time waster 

-Your technicians failing to adhere to assigned jobs and hours eats into their productive time 

Poor Communication between the office and the field service technicians can lead to mix-ups and frustration for both customers and your business 

-Inability to supervise on-field work while you’re away from your office can also result in technicians’ wasting their time

As you can see that field service businesses face many issues that prevent them from maximizing and monetizing available time.

The good news is that there’s a reliable and permanent solution to these problems in the form of functional and easy-to-use field service software for small businesses.

Yes, investing in the best field service management software like Field Promax can help you put your business in an advantageous position right from day one. This software is specially designed for small and medium field-based businesses with teams of any size.

Packed with a host of useful features, the field service management software enables you and your technicians to go digital through a single app and be on the same page with each other.

Now we will understand in detail how Field Promax software can help you monetize your resources and time easily, even when you’re on the go.


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Eight Easy Ways A Field Service Business Management Software Saves Your Time

1. Efficient Scheduling And Dispatching

Alarm Software

Work order management is now simpler with prompt scheduling functionalities of efficient Field Service Business Software like Field Promax. You can digitally create and dispatch work orders, assign and reassign jobs, auto-generate work orders for recurring work, and directly convert service requests to work orders.

The software allows your technicians to stay updated regarding work orders assigned via text or email. Similarly, you can inform your customers when the technician is on the way to their house. Customizable text boxes and drop-down list enable you to categorize and organize your work orders to suit your needs.

2. Go Paperless With Digital Data Entries

Field Promax is a complete digital solution that helps you eliminate hours spent on performing cumbersome paperwork. You need not make manual entries of data and information for completed jobs, creating estimates, and generating invoices.

Field Promax lets you create estimates from the office or field and email them to customers for approvals through digital signatures and generate work orders automatically. Similarly, you can Generate Invoices with trackable expenses, mileage, and custom pricing.

With this powerful feature, you can store other vital business information digitally, like:

-Customer address and contact numbers

-Work order numbers and work order amounts

-Customer signatures, photos, and documents

-Billing hours

3. Better Mobility

Cannot supervise your field business operations while you’re away? Don’t fret and frown because Field Promax is designed to Work Across Systems and Devices. Now you can supervise your work from any location on your tablet or Smartphone.

You can now stay updated on work orders and connect with your technicians on-the-go to know their location and status of work. This feature will make you feel in control of business operations and your technicians will also refrain from adopting a lackadaisical approach or procrastinating things.

4. Accurate Time-Keeping

Field Promax is designed to make your field service-based businesses more time-efficient. You can keep track of the time your technicians spend on the job and the number of days they took off the job for accurate, error-free billing and efficient time scheduling.

With Field Promax, you can:

-Increase your billable hours by integrating with work orders

-Approving and locking your technicians’ time card entries until payday

-Use Time cards feature to avoid revenue leak

-Eliminate incorrectly scheduling technicians

5. Calendar Views

Field Promax is a top-rated field service management software that offers Multiple Calendar Views, color coding, and customizations to provide better insight into your technician’s schedules. You can break down these views into daily, weekly, or monthly views.

Drag and Drop scheduling allows you to easily manage big teams and multiple schedules. Color coding your technicians helps you to know which employees are available (and unavailable), and assign work according to their skill level and work groups. Get live updates as the work progresses.

6. GPS Tracking

Now you don’t need to invest in expensive equipment to track your technicians. With Field Promax, you need not get confused about your technicians’ whereabouts as live GPS Tracking keeps you updated.

Dispatch the right technicians to the right location at the right time. Geo-coding allows you to view all your work orders on a map. The GPS tracking service reduces your workload, promotes transparency within your business, and helps you with better team management

7. Top-Notch Customer Support

Field Promax provides you with top-notch customer support service without any added cost to enable you to make a smooth transition to a paperless business model. The dedicated customer service team is available 24*7 for field service business owners to assist them in case of any queries or issues. 

Effective communication and quick resolution of customer complaints has earned Field Promax heaps of appreciation from both domestic and international customers. Also, the customer service team follows up on every query to ensure that customers are able to use this software without hassles. 

8. QuickBooks Integration

Field Promax allows you to easily integrate QuickBooks with a few clicks for simple, secure, and automated accounting. All your customers and products are synced, which means that you can create work orders eliminating double entry.

When your technician completes the work, you can sync the work order to automatically generate an invoice in QuickBooks. All your QuickBooks data is 100% secure with no risk of data loss.

The Final Thought

Every field-based business owner understands the importance of keeping customers satisfied by providing timely services. At the same time, it’s also important to cut down on revenue leak and loss of productivity by efficient utilization of time.

A Top-rated field management software like Field Promax can help you organize your team of technicians, communicate with your customers, and grow your business. Go paperless, manage your work from anywhere, and harvest profits from every project. 

Use this affordable and feature-rich software solution to Digitize your business and take it to the next level! 

For more information, contact Field Promax.

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