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11 Best Communication Tools Every Field Service Management Business Needs

Communication Tools for Business

Considering the recent studies, the growth of the field service management market shows no signs of slowing down. In particular, the value of the worldwide field service market was $5.1billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $29.9 billion by 2031

To make sure you get on this speeding train, you’ll need the proper management tools. Thankfully, there are plenty of communication tools for business available online that allow field service executives to perform their duties remotely.

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Can these software effectively lower costs and boost output? Or are you overpaying for extra features?  If you’re having trouble deciding which communication tools for business you need, we can guide you in the right direction. In this post, we will analyze 11 of the top field service management software options, which should aid in narrowing down your search for the ideal platform.

What is Field Service Management Software?
msp field service management

Previously, customers had to call in and wait for an operator to call them back about their service request, after which the request would be manually delegated and scheduled on a written schedule or a spreadsheet. Sometimes, while the worker was working in the field, neither the office personnel nor the clients knew how the task was coming along. Staff would return paper files to the office and provide actual paying invoices when the task was completed.

All of these problems are now addressed with the help of communication tools for business, which develops technologically advanced tools for handling service demands, scheduling and dispatching staff, communicating and connecting with clients, and processing payments promptly.

In addition, there is a shift toward cloud-based deployments of field service management applications, with a particular emphasis on mobile usability for field technicians. One of the many benefits of field service management software is that it allows personnel to quickly provide reports from the field, either via a web browser or mobile app.

Moreover, many versions of field service management software provide integration with customer relationship management and billing and invoicing systems, two additional crucial back-office processes. As a result, businesses can save time updating their records and getting paid because they no longer have to enter the same information twice.

FP img

One of the most popular communication tools for business is Field Promax. This is incredibly feature-rich and user-friendly, allowing businesses to manage their entire operation—from the backend to the customers, and that too on a single platform. The software offers efficient scheduling and dispatching, tracking of technicians, their time, and equipment, managing invoices and estimates, and the best customer care.


  • With the use of QuickBooks connection, it gives industries real customer datasets. 
  • Customers favor Field Promax because of its cost-effective packages and user-friendly interface.


It has 5 plans (Plan A to Plan E) and ranges from 49$ to 399$.

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2. Freshdesk Field Service


Freshdesk Field Service offers field support management. Freshdesk centralizes all support channels for your team. Helpdesk agents and field personnel can increase service efficiency with the platform. There are multiple communication tools for business in Freshdesk’s field service module.

Freshdesk’s reporting and analytics also help you see the big picture. It will make data manipulation and insight generation for policies, actions, and strategies easier.


  • It uses omnichannel for teams working in fields and helpdesks
  • Create projects, appointments, and schedules easily
  • User-friendly interface


It has a free version for small businesses. The paid packages range from $15 to $79.

3. BlueFolder


With BlueFolder, commercial service professionals in the field can easily remain on time, access important task details, and utilize work order management. Gain entry to a plethora of options, such as scheduled tasks, user-specific permissions, scheduling/dispatch, customer-facing portals, and more. 

Using robust features, helpful integrations, and a straightforward, user-friendly design, you can keep all of your field technicians organized and speed up business processes.


  • Customers can use the portal to make service requests
  • Monitor the progress of those requests and examine data pertaining to the maintenance of their assets and pieces of equipment. 
  • The platform’s Equipment/Asset Tracking function allows teams to keep tabs on these equipment/assets in order to boost productivity.


It starts at $120 per month, and enterprises can also customize their plan according to their needs.

4. Dispatch


Dispatch provides effective methods of task scheduling, technician activity tracking, and multi-channel client communication. If you need to assess technician performance or company-wide metrics, Dispatch has you covered there, too.

Whether or not your selected FSM solution is compatible with your company’s existing CRM and ERP systems is a crucial factor for enterprise firms, and Dispatch meets this need. Dispatch works with some of the best enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems on the market.


  • Increased insight into your staff’s performance.
  • Simple, intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • The potential for route and schedule optimization.
  • Make it a priority to finish work orders and provide services on schedule.


The pricing starts at $99 per month for 5 techs and ranges to $299 per month for up to 25 techs..

5. Ring4


In field service management, the executives have to pay a lot of costs connecting with field workers. Different SIM numbers, data plans, and landline costs make up a lot which is like a nightmare for small businesses already suffering with limited cash flow. 

For these organizations, Ring4 is the best and most affordable choice. With Ring4, customers may have their business number on their personal phone and access the contact center capabilities from anywhere in the world via their desktop online console or mobile app.


  • Manage Team Lines.
  • Transcribe calls.
  • International Calling.
  • Call Recording.
  • Free video conferencing


It starts at $9.99 per number  per month.

6. Wrike


If you need to organize your work in Wrike by project, task, or any other statistic, you may use the software’s tag and folder features to do so. In this way, you may swiftly organize your day-to-day operations and keep things running smoothly. You may also collaborate more efficiently by making these files accessible to everyone on the team.

 All it takes to have a conversation, set priorities, create a calendar, and keep tabs on ongoing projects is a click. Wrike’s features include calendars, Gantt charts, resource management, folder-based task delegation, and more. 


  • Can be customized to employee’s needs
  • An easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Working with people inside and outside of your organization


For teams getting started the free plan is available. The paid plan starts at $9.80 per user per month.

7. Connecteam

Connect team

Connecteam is a comprehensive field service management software solution that equips you to run your business and your team smoothly and effectively, wherever you happen to be.

With Scheduling, you can effortlessly organize your technicians’ schedules and assign them to jobs based on their availability and skill sets. It is possible to save time by making use of features such as repeating shifts, shift templates, shift copying, and drag-and-drop. Field service technicians can access the service order along with all of the attached details, files, and information, directly from their mobile devices throughout shifts.


  • Enhanced time management 
  • Aids in payroll processing by allowing timesheets to be exported
  • Better foresight into the next schedule
  • There will be no in-group punching or timing inconsistencies.


A free plan is available for startups. The paid plans range from $29 to $99 per month, depending on the number of users.

8. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is a mobile FSM system that really delivers the goods. The company’s goal is to facilitate the development and success of its patrons. It’s a must-have for businesses of any size as it helps with everything from time tracking and payroll to online booking and invoicing to automated marketing and dispatching.


  • Jobs can be scheduled, real-time GPS tracker, and invoices and receipts can be generated automatically.
  • Automated email marketing, automated postcards, and real-time notifications for customers.


Pricing starts at $49/month.

9. ProntoForms

Pronto Forms

ProntoForms tool, for starters, streamlines mobile processes to make it easier for remote workers to collect data from the field using a mobile device, gain access to company data while out in the field, and instantly distribute that data to their colleagues, cloud services, and back-office programs. In addition, businesses may use this software to monitor, examine, and better their operations, all while gaining useful information for future decision-making. Any user with an Android or iOS device can access it.

Among the various services that ProntoForms may connect to are Google Drive, QuickBooks Online, ZenDesk, and the Amazon Cloud.


  • ProntoForms provides extensive inspection and audit functions for standards and regulations, as well as an offline option so you can keep working even if your internet connection goes down.
  • Powerful smartphone apps to keep field agents in touch with headquarters


The pricing starts at $15 and companies can also customize them according to their needs

10. QuickBook Enterprise

Quickbooks Entrprise

Advanced features of QuickBooks cater to the specific business requirements of businesses as diverse as manufacturing, retail, and the nonprofit sector. This add-on is available in QuickBooks Enterprise and, like the main program, it is intuitive to use.

The Field Service Management (FSM) module provides direct, real-time communication between field technicians and headquarters. It’s ideal for HVAC, plumbing, utility, electricity, and electrical repair businesses, among many others, and it’s fully web-based. Real-time information is crucial in these fields. You may also make invoices and schedule projects in real time. It’s an effective tool for keeping tabs on productivity, managing locations, and recording time spent at each one.


  • Billing immediately after service is rendered
  • Live data from the field
  • TimeCamp, Multiple Integrations, and DataSync 


There are two plans; Local and Cloud access. Local starts at $104 per month and Cloud based starts at $143 per month.

11. FieldEdge


You can supercharge your field operations with the help of FieldEdge, an open-source software management program designed specifically for use in the field. Incorporating it into your life will result in improved efficiency, as well as financial and time savings. Scheduling and dispatching, customer administration, performance monitoring, and tracking are only some of the features of this product.


  • It offers real-time data by syncing in  with Quickbooks. 
  • The accounting system also features stock management and account updates in a central area, eliminating the need for double-entry and invoice revisions.


Field Edge cost $100 per office user and $125 per technician.


Managing a large group of technicians who are constantly on the move presents unique challenges for any company providing field service. When it comes to keeping everyone happy—office workers, field technicians, and customers alike—it’s crucial for businesses to have tools that allow them to make efficient use of their time and resources, share the data they need to complete jobs quickly and keep customers informed, and handle financial transactions and reports efficiently.

We looked into dozens of communication tools for business and found that these 11 offered the best combination of features for communicating with and managing field service employees. The workforce is visible in real time to dispatchers, and technicians have access to all necessary tools and information.

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Author bio:

Trevor is a SaaS growth consultant and managing partner of Ring4. He leads the product development and drives innovation for building the best light-weight business phone solution in the cloud.