An Insight on How to Complete the Hvac Invoice and Other Essential Tips

For anyone into the HVAC business, some crucial aspects that they wish to work upon are improvement in cash flow, hiring the right professionals, and retaining them, as well as developing effective workflow. But one thing that should top your priority list is the invoicing strategy.

A company can expect the cash flow to suffer in the absence of a good HVAC invoicing strategy. It will not only make you look unprofessional to a client, but it will also trap you in the hassle of paper and pen. If you are wondering how you can resolve this issue and structure the invoices, you need some relevant information for developing an organized and productive HVAC business.

About HVAC invoice

The invoice is a document that reflects the amount owed after service. It contains full details of service so that you can hand it over to the client after completion of the service. After receiving an invoice, the client makes a payment and offers them a receipt as a proof of payment received.

How can you improve your HVAC invoice process?

  • You must choose a suitable format for an invoice for your business, which consists of rates and service agreements.
  • Make use of a template to make the process quick and maintaining consistency.
  • Make sure the invoice is adequately generated with clean and crisp information such as invoice number, payment date, etc.
  • Make a habit of sending the invoice immediately after completion of the job.
  • Include a payment deadline in your invoice as it will encourage the clients to pay on time.
  • Use HVAC invoice software to organize, automate, and speed up the invoice workflow.

Significance of Invoice

An invoice is a record of the services offered and the amount the client owes to you. It is sent after you complete the installation, repair, or maintenance job for a cooling/ heating unit. Based on the payment cycle agreed upon, the invoice can be raised monthly, semi-annually, or annually.

An invoice should have details of the services offered equipment used, time spent on labor, system information, client details, business information, and service date.

Types of HVAC invoice

  • Parts and labor invoice

It is raised on the client for the cost of the components used, cost of labor for servicing the system, and time taken for completing the job at the site. This invoice won’t charge the client for mileage, except it is outside the normal business service radius. It would help if you invoiced the client for the time logged after the job has been completed.

  • Flat rate invoice

This type of invoice is raised on the client on one flat price. The flat rate includes cost parts and labor plus taxes. If you choose the flat rate invoicing method, you won’t need to bill the client for parts, mileage, or hours except if they are located outside the service area radius. In case you take a project outside your service area, make sure you have a standard procedure to be followed. (you may charge the client for miles outside the service area and miles it takes to return into it.)

  • Service agreement

The heating and cooling maintenance service agreements are crucial as not every customer is going to hire you for one visit; there will be clients wanting repeated system checkups and maintenance. The service agreements are the right way of letting the cash flow even during off-seasons.

The service agreements are usually billed at a flat rate as they are in the form of a package plan, which will include services such as seasonal checkups.

Tips for writing an invoice

  • Either use a clean HVAC invoice template or HVAC service invoice software, which can help in keeping invoicing information organized.
  • Select an invoice style that is profitable for your business from the ones mentioned above.
  • Make sure the invoice has an invoice number on each record so you can keep track of client accounts.
  • Include system efficiency details in the invoice.
  • Include details of the brand, model, and serial number for the unit you service.
  • You must include a due date for payment.

HVAC invoice template

The template is a blank invoice that serves as an outline for creating a detailed invoice for service. It would help if you chose a model that is flexible enough to be customized. It must allow you to fill details and must have a professional look. The templates save time as they take care of formatting, branding, business information, and automated calculations.

Reasons to use invoice in the HVAC industry

  • Invoices work as a claim for payment for the services or goods offered.
  • Invoices help significantly in keeping the team, office, and accounts organized.
  • Invoice is also helpful in getting payments on times that too right amount.
  • An invoice will also help in enhancing your efficiency.

What is the right time to begin invoicing in your HVAC business?

You must send the invoice as early as possible. You can mail the invoice right after you have completed the service. The longer you wait for sending the invoice, the longer it will take to get paid. If you are facing difficulty in generating an invoice, you can make use of HVAC service invoice software. 

Also, before sending the invoice, you must make sure that you send an updated version to the client.

When it comes to the payment deadline, it is your choice. Typically, the payment time for invoices is within two weeks of the date of the service. You can be flexible and choose what suits best for your business. It can be five or ten days as well. Many businesses expect the payment on the same day or maximum within a week. There is no standard rule for structuring the invoice payments, and you must choose what works best for your business model.

It is vital to use the right invoicing strategy so that you don’t appear as unprofessional to your clients. It can be simplified by using invoicing software.

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