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A Simple Overview of Field Service Management

Simple overview of FSM for Field Business

Field Service Management is not a term you hear every day but is definitely a resource your business needs in its everyday operations. This system is operated using a software that provides solution to small and medium business. It helps resolve everyday activities, operations and functions in the most simplified manner possible. It ensures that businesses work smoothly with all  their work orders streamlined, schedules organized and technicians assigned digitally. This system helps eradicate loss or other errors caused by manual physical operations.

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Field Service Management Software

Field Service Management Software works with on-field technicians, office managers and at home customers. It helps them connect with each other over work orders, assigned tasks, tracking and managing automated services. The website based software are usually developed into a mobile app to help technicians update their status, invoices, and other data onto the cloud from the field. It is also convenient for them to receive quick and instant payments from customers. The software is also integrated with AI, IoT, GPS and other features that can help expand the customer base, like QuickBooks Online Integration.


There are various industries that use field service software to customize their business and stay on track of their progress.

Electrical SOftware for field service

Heating and Plumbing Services

HVAC Business Software

Alarm System Software

Garage Door Service Software

Spa and Pool Service Software

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Why do Industries require Field Service Software?

To begin with, a growing business has so much to offer and handle. From customer service to customer requests, from equipment tracking to technician management, from filling forms to organizing documents, a business is always on the run and looking for a more accessible substitute for all the running around and unnecessary pressure.

  • The field service software takes away most of the burden with its integrated plugins and exquisite features.
  • The software helps digitalise the data and documents which saves a lot of time and effort. It also saves space around your table and reduces the mess of files.
  • The industries can also attain a large customer and product database with the help of the software.
  • Companies can access all their documents from any geographical location and any timezone
  • Storing all the data in the cloud saves storage space and increases the safety of the files.


Features are the significant and most interesting part of the software. It helps build the business step by step. Here are some of the features offered by the field service management software.

1. Scheduling and DispatchingIn-charges can just drag and drop the scheduled work order along with the assigned technician on the calendar date. This will notify everyone on the team about the assigned task. Dispatching prepares the technician for the fieldwork with all the necessary information and tools.

Scheduling & Dispatching

2. QuickBooksQuickBooks maintain company accounts, product information and also help expand their customer database. The two-way sync enabled between the two interfaces allows the software to provide pertinent customer and product information.

Quickbooks Integration

3. Estimates and InvoicesTechnicians can generate invoices and estimates on the field in an instant. They are approved by the customer which also stimulates immediate payments. These software email the bills to the customer and save a copy to the cloud for record and easy reference.


4. Mobile App The field service mobile app is sophisticated enough for any person to use. It takes 10 mins to figure things within and works similar to the website software. It allows GPS employers to track their technicians on the field as well as direct technicians to their service field through accessible routes to save fuel charges. It also helps record working hours to increase billable hours—the mobile app bridges the field and the office in no time.

Mobile App View

5. Dashboard: The company performance rate is defined visually through the dashboard. It allows the company to view daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports of the work orders, number of schedules and dispatches, cancellation, income and more in graphs or charts. The dashboard helps companies upgrade their skills and work harder towards their goals.

Field Promax Property Software


Field service management software combines these features with the industries that wish to grow and expand. These features help stabilize and standardize business processes by digitalizing and ensuring customer satisfaction. Here at Field Promax, we assure your business’s best service and features for your business within the suitable range.

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