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5 Best Fire & Security Software You Should be Using in 2023

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Because of their great visibility and centralized platform, software solutions have quickly become popular among the fire and security industries. With so many various software options available on the market, picking the right software solution might feel like a leap into the unknown.

Fire and security Management and field service operations will normally be two of your key business efforts as a fire or security-focused company. You will be able to reduce double data entry, remove lost time, and improve your business processes using automation and Scheduling Software capabilities. With more important services on the line, the backend process can be easily dealt with software solutions that enhance field service management.

If you’re still confused about which software suits you the best, we have narrowed down 5 software that you should use or need in your fire and security business in 2022.

1. Field Promax

This is fire and security management software. It helps field service companies under the fire or security department streamline their work orders, manage their team of professionals and organize their entire organization within one platform. It has customizable features that allow users to choose templates and use them conveniently. It helps technicians create instant invoices, manage their time, and provide excellent services. The software is also integrated with QuickBooks Integration and provides a customer database with descriptions for better understanding.

Field Promax Property Software


  • Invoices and Estimates created by technicians on the field and authorized by customers
  • The fire and security departments can organize all their schedules and dispatches within a few minutes with the field Promax software.
  • It provides a clear insight into the company and its employees’ progress on the reports and dashboard features.


2. Fire Station

This is software that helps with digitizing your business and going paperless. It provides tools to organize all your documents into folders and modules that would be easier to access in an emergency or for further reference. The software is focused on the fire station or fire departments to stay ahead of risk management or other document related issues on the field. Fire Station is a replacement for all the excel sheets and manual records you’ve written on and off the field.

Fire Station


  • Organize all your documents digitally
  • Purchase required modules and customize

3. FieldInsight

The software has helped companies boost their profit up to 15% by providing software solutions for asset management. It helps with fire and security asset tracking and monitoring. It also increases productivity in the business by enhancing data collection. Technicians can report from the field to the office immediately through the software and arrange for new parts, tools, and other field equipment from the field itself.



  • It has an organized central database and customer portal accessibility, leading to increased CRM and customer services.
  • It provides automated daily, weekly and monthly report generation.
  • They have customizable quoting and invoice templates.

4. SmartServ

This Field Service Management Software works with fire and security departments. It helps service providers and customers connect effectively and conduct smooth field service. They come with 24/7 customer support, automated working systems, customer and employee management. The software helps the fire and security companies connect, understand and help their customers effectively.



  • Schedules and dispatches technicians for the job on time and with complete information of the customer and the task.
  • It helps eliminate double entries, overbooking and manual technician management.
  • It has a clear history of all the real-time reports, which help with overall introspection.

5. Fieldpoint

This is a Mobile Field Service Software created to support fire and security industries. It helps manage all the inspections, site history and other information related to the work order or the customer. It allows users to take images of the work field and the work done, to analyze, proof or future reference. It has a comprehensive contract administration that includes all the information needed during inspections from prices, billing and more. It helps businesses elevate their standards and transparency amongst their customers.



  • Allows you to manage your business and your customers on one platform.
  • Track your technicians on the field and their progress on your phone.
  • Get instant payments with online payments via scanning barcodes or bank transfer.

The software mentioned has helped businesses expand their customer relationships and organizations to new levels in the past few years. They have become an important solution for the Fire and Security Department in 2022 because of their great features. If you are still confused about choosing the best one for your company, simply click on the free trial or demo to better understand and analyze how they relate to your requirements.

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