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3 key things to consider before purchasing FSM software

FSM Software

You are managing a field service business! but you don’t any FSM Software. On one hand customer calls have increased and you need to hire more technicians to keep up with the demand. While on the other hand, your family is planning to go on vacation! After all, your company is growing! It’s time to spend some quality time with your family and celebrate the company’s growth!

What happened? You are worried about how you can handle the business operations smoothly while on a trip! What if you don’t know how much time your technician is spending to complete a particular task! How then do you efficiently schedule him for his next job! What if your professionals on the field do not get the correct job-related information at the right time! They will not be able to complete their job.

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These are a few listed problems you might face while enjoying a family trip. These problems can affect your business adversely! But there are no problems without a solution! What can be the best solution, in this case? It’s Field Service Management Software It can simplify scheduling, dispatching, communicating with your field technicians, and much more.  Your friends or relatives might have recommended the same software solution and explained its benefits to you! But you may have ignored it. Now the time has come to take the advantage of technology and look for a good FSM software solution!

But before you purchase it, look for 3 key things. What are those things to consider? Read this article to know in detail

User Experience with FSM

Check their online reviews! See, what people are saying about their product. Are they happy with their product features? Some users will be happy with their special X feature and think it’s a great add-on that saves them from spending money on other separate software. While on the other hand, there will be some users who will be left unsatisfied with that X feature. Now, it’s up to you what features you need in FSM software depending on your business needs. And the best way to understand your business needs is to involve your team in decision-making. Your technicians will give you an idea about the functionalities they need and the gaps that need to be filled.

Check, if they are providing a free trial. If so, go for it before purchasing any FSM software. It can give you an overview of how it works. You can try out a software through a trial and check whether it fits your business requirements or not.

Quality of Support

Quality of support

What is more frustrating than sitting on hold for hours and waiting for a customer executive to explain why their company’s software is not working? It is very common for field owners to purchase any software by just watching its impressive demo. But when they start using that software they regret purchasing it!

So, it is advised to always look into the company’s customer support before purchasing their software. Check how they will communicate with you, if you face any issue while working on software. with a real person or robot? Know whether they implement feedback from their users. See, do they resolve issues within a reasonable time. Look for the answers to these questions and then make a decision!

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Mobile App

With a smart Field Service Management Mobile App, your technician can get real-time updates about their assigned tasks. Real-time data access to job details can help enhance the productivity of your field technicians.

 It would help if FSM mobile app can give you the ability to:-

  • Make all required job-related information available and accessible to technicians.
  • Have your technicians interact seamlessly with you (business owner).
  • Check which technician has completed his task and assign the next job to him
  • Check technician’s work when he uploads before and after work pictures.

In short, FSM software and mobile app should promote effective communication between owner and technician.

Now, you have read the key things to consider while purchasing any software solution for your field service business. Keep these things in your mind! You may now want to know, if there is any such software that has good user reviews, provides excellent customer support, and an easy-to-use mobile app! Here is a piece of information! Yes, Field Promax, an emerging field service management software is here!

Field Promax- A powerful FSM software to take your business to the next level!

Using Field Promax’s software and mobile app, you can schedule and dispatch jobs, manage recurring jobs, create estimates, monitor your team with time-keeping and GPS tracking, spend less time invoicing and much more. We offer a free trial for 30 days. You can take a trial and check if it suits your business needs! 

So, if you are running a field service business and want to purchase any FSM software, you may give Field Promax a try!

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