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10 Features that Define an Excellent Field Service Management Software

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The world is at a pause, but the pile of papers on your desk isn’t? This is the prime reason why Field Service Management exists. Let’s put an end to the never-ending documents filled with work order and customer reviews, all the non-stop phone calls to direct your technician and the hassle of printing, filing and walking from office to office by holding hands with Online Business Management Software.

It is a workforce management software that provides the solution to manage every aspect of field service from a centralised interface. It allows businesses to manage all their data, scheduling, tracking, updates and dispatching in one place. Through these modules, it enables direct communication from the field to the office and the customer. This software serves as a sophisticated aid to small and medium businesses to expand their boundaries. Here are ten of the top features you need to look for before joining an alliance with any Field Service Management Software’s.

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Core Features of Field Service Management software.

Scheduling Software

This feature tops the list and is a statutory requirement to define a Field Service Management Software. Companies must have an intelligent Scheduling and Dispatching tool to assign technicians to work orders based on their availability, skills, geographical location and severity codes. It avoids the tension of drawing columns and printing schedules. It makes dispatching quicker and gets the job done faster.


It is an essential module for Field Service Management Software to provide seamless service to the customers. Some of the prominent integrations found in most FSM Software are GPS, QuickBooks, IoT, API and many more to help analyse and sort data quicker. Integrations help sustain and manage finance, inventory, customer relationship and time tracking.

3. Work Order Management

Work Order Management

This is the primary and predominant functionality provided by Field Service Management Software. It enables users to streamline their work orders, technicians to create invoices and allow staff to access data. It improves transparency within the working environment and avoids confusion. Technicians can update their work once it’s done along with pictures as offered by Field Promax and even get customer approval signatures from the field.

Field Service Dashboard

The dashboard module allows businesses to track their progress and updates. It provides data on the advancement and a customized view of the ongoing processes. It gives up a quick view of the leading source of revenue, customer satisfaction, and many more.

Customer Service

You may wonder, “Isn’t this an essential part of every software?” It is exclusively important in Field Service Management Software because customers are the foundation of any Field Service Management Software. Customer service must be available 24/7 to attend to the needs and requirements of the customers. Good customer service leads to customer satisfaction which leads to more homies. They determine the growth of the business and influence its graph charts immensely.

TOP Features defining an Imperial Field Service Management Software

Mobile App

Having a mobile app adds a bonus to any Field Service Management Software. It makes everything a lot easier and smoother by being accessible from anywhere. It makes the billing, payments, work updates and customisation simpler. Mobile apps allow you to track the technician’s location and pay accordingly.

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7. Inventory Management

Inventory Management

This is important to track the multiple pieces of equipment and tools spread across warehouses and vehicles belonging to the company. It comes in handy when companies install expensive equipment or work with a different range of tools that would be difficult to store or keep track of. Inventory optimization allows businesses to stay up to date with their inventory.

8. Messaging


Having an in-built messaging system is beneficial when it comes to communicating with technicians and customers. It helps with tagging technicians to their work orders, keep track of the messages, unlike ordinary text messages. Automated messages allow customers to receive updates on their work orders like the technicians, arrival time and the confirmation of their billings. Having this added feature is not necessary but does help upgrade the status of the Field Service Management Software.

9. Recurring Orders


Allowing customers to relax while you do the job is a great way to win customer satisfaction. Field Service Management Software like Field Promax have a module through which customers can customize their monthly work orders. It allows them to save the efforts of filling forms repeatedly by opting for recurring service just once.

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10. Compatibility


Every company requires different features that may not match another company. It is essential to check for the features that sync with your company’s needs before signing in. This is where the Free Trial comes into play. It allows you to analyse the software and weigh out the features it offers and balance them with your business structure.


Every business needs a pillar to support its growth and draw its road to success. That is the motto Field Service Management Software live by. Many are called, but only a few stand a chance with their unbeatable features. Start your collaboration with a smile at Field Promax today. (FREE TRIAL)

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