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While managing a janitorial service business, you want to concentrate more on serving as many customers as possible with high-quality assurance. But, many redundant tasks such as work schedule management, invoicing and others steal away a lot of productive time from your employees. Now, with Field Promax available on Android and iOS devices, your field employees can automate most of the service management tasks and focus on providing better quality services to more customers. Our app is extensively customizable when it comes to creating work orders and viewing them on a map, dashboard or calendar. Your field employees can even take pictures of their janitorial work done in the field and collect signatures from customers.

Create Work Order from Your Desktop or Mobile

Your janitorial services can scale up as high as you want if you attain mobility. And, that mobility is what Field Promax delivers to you with mobile and desktop compatible software. Our app lets you run your services from any location, including your office with its cross-platform compatibility. Your janitorial service experts can enable automatic work order generation for janitorial tasks that recur every month or after a fixed interval of time. Our app can also automatically collect janitorial service requests from your website. So, you get all the leads right on our app from every online profile you link to it.

Two-way Sync between QuickBooks and Field Promax

You now have the ability to integrate your QuickBooks company profile with Field Promax and remove the manual labor required in work order handling and invoice management. Field Promax is simple to integrate with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online as well. Syncing your janitorial services and customers, you get to keep your service management free from the chances of adding one work order two times. While the integration and syncing are easy processes, we have our expert support ready to guide you through the steps.

Generate invoices Automatically in QuickBooks

Invoice generation will steal no time from your janitorial service professionals when they have QuickBooks integrated Field Promax. Our application generates invoices for work orders automatically, as your field professionals complete work orders. Custom pricing is also available in our software, so you can offer negotiated prices to certain clients without increasing your manual task of creating customized invoices. The app also offers great insights to monitor the expenses and efficiency of your janitorial services. That way, your field employees can get reimbursed for unexpected expenses. Plus, you can track the mileage of each and every janitorial work order.

Unlimited Customer Support

We have professionals available to help you transform your janitorial service business with Field Promax. Unlimited customer support with no additional cost is what impresses our clients the most. Onboarding assistance and training are included in the customer support to turn your employees into the masters of leveraging Field Promax whether in-house or in the field. Our training module is highly flexible, which let us align with your specific requirements and size of your team. After the successful onboarding, our support stays available via multiple communication channels such as call, text, and email. You can trust our experts for the right information, advice, and assistance!

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