Field Service Management software for Maid Services Industry

Maid Services normally have to provide housekeeping and home management services at multiple customer locations in a single day. For Maid Service companies, scheduling and managing all these tasks can be very hectic, which leads to loss of productivity and customers too.

For running a successful Maid Service business, you need to have Maid Service Management Software, like Field Promax, to manage all these tasks efficiently including employee management, work order scheduling, invoicing and more.

Flexible Maid Service Scheduling
As a Maid Service provider, you definitely need to react quickly to your customers call. Field Promax makes it possible for you. With this outstanding Maid Service Scheduling software, you can instantly create, assign and manage work orders and get notified when the work order is completed.
Recurring Work Order Management for Maid Services
It is quite usual in Maid Service business to have the same clients, multiple times in a month. Managing work order manually each time looks boring. With Field Promax recurring work management capabilities, you only need to setup the work order once and it will be automatically added to your contractor schedule, whenever you want it to be.
Quick Invoicing for all your completed work orders
After successful completion of the job, you definitely would like to get paid quickly. With Field Promax’s integration with QuickBooks, you can send an invoice on your field technician services, as soon as the work is completed and get notification upon payment right inside your dashboard.
Runtime Synching of data between QuickBooks and Field Promax
With QuickBooks integration, you can easily manage all your customers, products and invoices in synch with Field Promax. No need for data entry and copying customer data from QuickBooks to Field Promax. Field Promax is integrated with QuickBooks to help you save your products and clients data automatically.
Track Work Orders and Field Technicians using GPS
Having an exact idea on the location of your Maids is very helpful to assign the work to the right employee as well as in monitoring their activity. It allows you to save your time by selecting the technician which is near to the job location and in ensuring that your staff reached the right place.
Payroll Management for Maid Service Business
Tracking the accurate hours of your Maid Service work is necessary to calculate the exact billable hours they work for. The time card module of Field Promax is integrated with work orders so that you can track the accurate time and manage your entire staff payroll efficiently.
Work Groups for Maid Service
It is quite difficult to manage a group of Maids if you have lots of them in multiple locations. The Work Groups in Field Promax allows you to make scheduling work easy. You can also assign a specific team leader for each work group who can keep track of the work order of their team.
Receive Service Requests from your customers
Field Promax gives the option to your customers to submit a service request. They can easily do this by requesting services using the Service Request link created by Field Promax. Add this link on your website, email or social accounts and start accepting service requests from your customers.
Generate reports to monitor Maid Service’s performance
Tracking the performance of your Maid Services helps you to have an accurate insight into your staff’s performance. Field Promax provides you with detailed reports that gives you performance data across customer relations, work orders and more.
Get Updated on Maid Service Job Status
It is sometimes difficult for Maid Service companies to manage multiple work orders and Maid Services in a single day. With Field Promax job status tracking feature, you can view the status of your Maid Service work in real-time and track their location to ensure they have arrived at job site.
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