Service Scheduling and Work Order Management software for Computer Repair companies.

Computer repair technicians are experts in repairing, troubleshooting and servicing the hardware and software related issues. Organizing a computer repair business requires too much time and commitment to ensure your business going in the right direction. You need to take care of the work scheduling, team management, invoicing and more.

Field Promax makes things easy for you by saving your precious time assigning and organizing tasks with its Service Scheduling and Work Order Management software for Computer Repair companies.

Scheduling Software for Computer Repair Business
It is quite important for a Computer Repair business to respond fast to their clients. With a Field Service Management Software in place, you can quickly create, assign and manage computer repair work orders of your team.
Recurring Work Management for Computer Repair Technicians
Local businesses such as Computer Repair, generally get a lot of repeat clients due to their weekly / monthly contracts. It requires a lot of effort to manually add repeat tasks in your staff’s schedule. Field Promax lets you add recurring work order once and it will be automatically added to your contractor’s schedule, whenever on a schedule set by you.
Instant Invoicing on completed tasks
Getting paid quickly after performing the job is definitely what every Computer Repair business wants. With Field Promax’s integration with QuickBooks, you can send an invoice on your completed services, as soon as the work is completed with payment notifications inside your dashboard.
Complete Synching of data between QuickBooks and Field Promax
QuickBooks integration with Field Promax enables you to easily manage all your customers, products and invoices in synch. No need for data entry and copying customer data again and again- Field Promax is integrated with QuickBooks to help you save your products and clients data automatically.
Track Work Orders and Computer Repair Technicians using GPS
Having an exact idea on the location of your staff is essential to assign the work to the right employee. This allows you to save your time by selecting the technician which is near to the job location and in ensuring that your staff reached the job site on time.
Payroll Management for Computer Repair Business
Tracking the accurate hours of your computer repair technician is necessary to calculate the exact billable hours they work. The time card module of Field Promax is integrated with work orders so that you can track the accurate time they spent on each task and in total.
Work Groups for Computer Repair Work Groups
It is difficult to manage multiple repair technician in different locations. Work Groups allows you to make scheduling work easy. You can also assign a specific team leader for each work group who can keep track of the work order of their team.
Get Service Requests from customers
Field Promax gives the option to your customers to submit a service request through your website, email or social accounts. This can be easily implemented using the Service Request link created by Field Promax.
Monitor performance using reports
Tracking the performance of your computer repair staff helps you evaluate their performance. Field Promax provides you with detailed reports into your staff’s performance across customer relations, work orders and more.
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